About Art Byte Critique

The Art Byte Critique group is focused on creating a network of working artists interested in constructive dialogues about studio work and the discovery of new ideas and inspirations.  The Art Byte Critique group originally started out on the Meetup.com website.  More than one year later, this collective of artists continues monthly discussions about studio work, gallery and museum visits, sharing of artist resources and supporting each other’s creative efforts through this website.

Artists spend most of their time alone in the studio in dialogue with their work.  We are continually developing ideas and creating works on their own.  Despite all the ideas and images that inspire our creativity, sometimes it feels like something is lacking.  The Art Byte Critique group seeks to fill that gap by providing a place for working artists to have an exchange of ideas with other artists.

If you are interested in learning more about the Art Byte Critique Group, please send an e-mail to artbytecritique@gmail.com





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